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December 24, 2010

Landlords, Know the Towing Regulations


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The towing requirements for landlords and mobilehome community owners can be confusing. In this blog series I will summarize the most important aspects of the towing law as it relates to landlords, with some special items related to mobilehome community owners.

Mobilehome Residency Law -Civil Code Section 798.28.5 (applying only to mobilehome communities):

The MRL allows community owners to remove a vehicle other than a mobilehome from the community if there are signs displayed at each entrance to the community.

The signs must meet the following requirements:

1.    They must be in plain view located at all the entrances and exits to the community;
2.    The signs must be at least 17 by 22 inches and one inch lettering in height;
3.    All signs must state that public parking is prohibited and that vehicles will be removed at owner’s expense;
4.    All signs must state the telephone number of the local traffic law enforcement agency;
5.    All signs must state the name and telephone number of each towing company that the owner has a written authorization agreement with
6.    All signs must state that a citation may be issued for the violation.

Please check and make sure you have these signs at each entrance and exit, they are in plain view and the signs have all of the information stated above.

* For specific inquiries regarding towing regulations, visit my California Landlord Services page.

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