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August 25, 2010

Renting Out Community-Owned Manufactured Homes and Complying with The Landlord Tenant Law (Part 5)

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This is part 5 of my blog series about renting out community-owned manufactured homes and complying with the landlord tenant law.

Terminating the Tenancy

Terminating a tenancy for an owner-occupied manufactured home tenancy in comparison to terminating a community-owned rental is an area that community owners commonly make mistakes. Due to the high cost of moving manufactured homes, as well as other factors, the Legislature created additional protections for evicting homeowners under the MRL. A tenancy with the homeowner/resident under the MRL may be terminated only for the following select reasons:

  1. Failure to comply with a local ordinance or state law regulations related to manufactured homes within a reasonable time after notice
  2. Conduct which constitutes a substantial annoyance
  3. Conviction of homeowner/resident for prostitution or felony controlled substance offense committed on premises that resulted in conviction
  4. Failure to comply with a reasonable rule or regulation of a community
  5. Non-payment of rent or utilities

In addition, the MRL also requires that a 60-day notice to terminate possession of the premises be served (sometimes in conjunction with other types of notices) to allow the homeowner 60 days to vacate the premises and move or sell his or her manufactured home.

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