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September 8, 2010

Renting Out Community-Owned Manufactured Homes and Complying with The Landlord Tenant Law (Part 6)

This is part 6 of my blog series about renting out community-owned manufactured homes and complying with the landlord tenant law.

Community-owned rentals are not provided the additional protections of the MRL. In a community-owned rental, as long as the proper notice requirements are met and there is not an ordinance or rent control in place which restricts termination, community-owned rental tenancies may be terminated for any non-discriminatory reason. In most instances no reason for termination need be given.

If the tenancy is a period tenancy (i.e., month-to-month) community owners need to give at least the period term to terminate the tenancy. For example, in a month-to-month tenancy for under a year, a 30-day notice needs to be given. In a month- to-month tenancy of over a year, a 60-day notice to terminate tenancy is required. No notice to terminate tenancy is needed at the expiration of a fixed lease term (i.e., 10/1/08 – 10/1/09) unless otherwise indicated in the lease and the landlord may file an unlawful detainer action immediately if the tenant remains in possession after the lease expires.

* For specific inquiries regarding a mobilehome law matter that you may have, you’re welcome to visit my California Manufactured Housing Community Owners legal services page.

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