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March 24, 2010

Zero Tolerance Policy: For Threatening/Harassing Behavior

This is the 2nd part of my blog series about dealing with threatening and violent residents.

Threatening TenantMost mobilehome communities already have a conduct or behavior provision in their rules and regulations prohibiting certain behavior by residents, including substantially annoying behavior, which is specifically addressed in the Mobilehome Residency Law.  This conduct rule typically does not specifically address harassing, abusive, threatening behavior towards community management or employees. I recommend placing a separate provision in your rules and regulations in addition to the more general “conduct” rule. This provision should state that any type of harassing, abusive, threatening or violent behavior towards management or other employees is prohibited, the community has a zero tolerance policy for violence against its employees and this type of behavior constitutes a substantial annoyance. This more specific provision in the rules is helpful if the community decides to serve the abusive resident with a notice for a rule violation or if/when the community terminates the resident’s tenancy based upon this behavior.

* For specific inquiries regarding a threatening/violent tenant you may have, you’re welcome to visit my California Landlord – Tenant legal services page.

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