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April 29, 2010

Call the Police, Make a Report

This is part 6 of my blog series about dealing with threatening and violent residents.

Image of Police OfficerAgain, workplace violence incidents will differ substantially and the specifics of each situation will dictate which response should be taken, if any, and in which order.  In many cases it is necessary to

Call the police, make a report

The most obvious action an employee can and should take if the resident displayed threatening or violent behavior towards them is to call the police to come out and make a police report. Again, whether this option is appropriate, depends on the facts of the situation. If the police are called, get the officer’s name, the incident report number and a copy of the report for your file.

* For specific inquiries regarding a threatening/violent tenant you may have, you’re welcome to visit my California Landlord – Tenant legal services page.

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