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April 15, 2010

Procedures After Aggressive/Violent Behavior by a Resident has Occurred

This is the part 5 of my blog series about dealing with threatening and violent residents.

Image of woman looking out of blinds at stalkerIf there has been behavior by a resident towards an employee that has been threatening or harassing, you want to make sure to address it immediately. Examples of abusive or threatening behavior can vary from minor to extreme, but all should be addressed. An example of harassing or abusive behavior would be a resident stalking, yelling at and/or using profanities toward the employee. An example of a threat of violence by a resident would be the resident telling the employee: “you’re going to get it,” “you’ll be sorry,” or “I’m going to kill you.”

Acts of aggression toward the employee could be damaging an employee’s property. More serious acts of violence toward the employee could be a resident pushing, striking or physically harming the employee. These are just a few examples and even though the severities of each differ, all of these examples warrant attention and should be stopped.

If aggressive/violent behavior occurs, have the employee make a written account of what happened, the date, time and any witnesses. Make sure that the employee is specific as to details. Write down exactly what was said (“he yelled at me that he was going to hurt me”), what actions were taken (“he waived his fist inches from my face.”) Have the employee sign and date the statement. Talk to any witnesses, have the witnesses prepare a written account of the event and have them sign and date the statement. Forward these statements to your attorney.

* For specific inquiries regarding a threatening/violent tenant you may have, you’re welcome to visit my California Landlord – Tenant legal services page.

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