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October 2, 2019

Rent Control Coming to all of California

Landlord-Attorney-San-DiegoTAKE NOTICE – California Governor is set to sign AB 1482, approving statewide rent control for businesses/individuals owning more than 10 rental properties.

The California legislature just passed a rent control measure that would limit rent increases to 5% of the current rent a year over CPI for tenants that have been living in the rental unit for over a year.  The bill is expected to be signed shortly by Governor Newsom.

The measure will also require landlords to demonstrate “just cause” to evict tenants who have lived in the rental unit for a year or longer.  Relocation expenses paid to tenants may be required in certain situations.

AB 1482 does not apply to rental property that is under 10 years old or if the owner owns less than 10 rentals.

If you have any more questions about AB 1482, please contact our landlord attorney in San Diego.

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