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November 17, 2010

The Security Deposit

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This is part 10 of my blog series about renting out community-owned manufactured homes and complying with the landlord tenant law.

The security deposit retention is very different between a owner-occupied tenancy and a community-owned rental. In an owner-occupied tenancy, the management must give back the full deposit when requested by a homeowner who has timely paid the rent for 12 consecutive months.

In a community-owned rental, the security deposit typically need not be returned until the tenant vacates the premises; however, there are several additional protections given to tenants of community-owned rentals. For example, within a reasonable time after notification by either party of the termination of the tenancy, the community owner is required to provide the resident with a written notice that the resident has the right to do an inspection of the premises with the landlord to notify the resident prior to move-out of the deficiencies in the premises caused by the resident. The landlord must provide the resident with an itemized list of potential deductions from the security deposit and give resident an opportunity to cure these deficiencies prior to move-out.

The security deposit must be returned within three weeks of the tenant vacating the premises or damages may incur against the landlord. The landlord must:

  1. Deliver to the resident by mail an itemized statement, including expense receipts, of the amount and basis for retaining the security deposit
  2. Return any unused portion of the security to the resident.

* For specific inquiries regarding a security deposit or other legal matter that you may have, you’re welcome to visit my California Mobilehome-RV Park Owner’s legal services page.

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