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August 2, 2010

Renting Out Community-Owned Manufactured Homes and Complying with The Landlord Tenant Law (Part 4)

This is part 4 of my blog series about renting out community-owned manufactured homes and complying with the landlord tenant law.

Ensuring the Manufactured Home is Habitable

A community-owned manufactured home tenancy creates the responsibility for the community owner not only to maintain the space, but also to ensure the inside and outside of the manufactured home is habitable for human occupation.  Ensuring that a manufactured home is habitable typically entails a few basic requirements including:

1. Make sure all fixtures work properly

2. There is hot and cold running water

3. There is no insect infestation

4. There is proper lighting and ventilation

5. There are proper electric outlets

6. There is proper waterproofing/weather protection

7. There are proper plumbing and gas facilities

8. There are proper heating facilities

9. The floors, stairways and railways are in good repair

10. The doors have deadbolts

11. There is a telephone jack

12. The windows have locks

13. All fire and other applicable codes and ordinances are complied with

There are statutory penalties imposed on landlords who fail to ensure that the community-owned rental premises is habitable for the residents.

In contrast, in an owner-occupied manufactured home tenancy regulated under the MRL, the community owner is typically responsible for the habitability of the community’s common areas only and not the home.

* For specific inquiries regarding a mobilehome law matter that you may have, you’re welcome to visit my California Manufactured Housing Community Owners legal services page.

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