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March 17, 2010

Threatening and Violent Residents: Keeping the Workplace Safe from Violence (Part 1)

When a current client approached me about a violent resident in a mobilehome community a few days ago, I thought an appropriate topic to address in a blog series would be resident threats or abusive behavior towards management and other mobilehome community employees. Unfortunately this is far too common of an occurrence in our industry. With the employer having a legal requirement to provide a safe working environment for employees and the increasing liability for failing to protect employees from known or foreseeable dangers, community owners as employers cannot take any threat of violence or aggressive behavior by a resident towards an employee lightly.

This blog series is intended to assist owners of mobilehome communities in minimizing threatening situations towards employees as well as providing options to handle a threatening or abusive resident. The majority of this blog is applicable to all owners or managers of residential properties, but please keep in mind there may be some differences in the notice requirements and rule provisions between general landlord-tenant law and those that govern mobilehome tenancies.

Also keep in mind as you read this blog that every situation has a unique set of facts and which measures, if any, are appropriate, depends on the severity of the threat and the particular facts of that situation. Please consult your legal counsel with the facts of your particular situation to determine which of these options, if any, are appropriate. With that said, I will be posting weekly suggestions on ways to minimize threatening situations before they occur.

* For specific inquiries regarding a violent tenant you may have, your welcome to visit my California Landlord – Tenant legal services page.

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  1. Thanks for taking on this issue in your blog. Property managers need support to provide for their safety and that of residents. Having contracts that demonstrate “no tolerance” policies toward violent behavior are critical.
    Property management staff also need effective training on how to prevent and safely respond to aggressive residents. Too many times, they go into situations that could lead to injury or over-reaction.I have trained property management staff on “Verbal Aikido” techniques and have found many feel they can more confidently deal with potentially agressive people and enforce the regulations to keep everyone safe. Without enforcement, it is all talk. And lack of enforcement sends a message, too…the wrong one. Kathy For more information,go to

    Comment by Kathy Bote' — April 5, 2010 @ 4:41 pm | Reply

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